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The Interntional College of Golf Biomechanics was established in 2007 by chiropractor Dr Ron Burke who is the creator of the ChiroFit Program and the Get Fit to Golf website This unique web site offered a personalised golf biomechanics analysis and solution and realised that the best way to get the message of good golf biomechanics across to golfers is to get the golf teaching professionals to tell their students about it and be able to understand enough about the concepts to implement it in their teaching. This is why the International College of Golf Biomechanics was established by Ron and also with the assistance of Andrew Cartledge, who is associated with the Australian Golf Teachers Federation andChief Instructor of the Australian Golf Academy.

Dr Ron Burke D.C.

Ron BurkeDr Ron Burke has been a chiropractor of 30 years experience and has been specialising in back care with a focus on sports injuries and rehabilitation. Ron has worked with some of the leading athletes in Australia over the years to help achieve sporting excellence. Ron was one of the first chiropractors in Australia to integrate a chiropractic and sports clinic specialising in sports injuries and rehabilitation.

Over the past 10 years Ron has further focused his interests in golf biomechanics and has treated many amateur and professional golfers with the most notable being Bobby Locke and currently Nikki Garrett, 2006 Ladies European Tour Rookie of the Year and in May 2007 won Back-to-Back Ladies European Tour titles.





Ron first became interested in the importance of posture and spine angle in golf when he was introduced to Bobby Locke. Ron treated Bobby Locke for a back condition over 25 years ago when he was playing in a senior tournament in Australia. Bobby discussed with Ron how important a good back and posture was in golf and the fact that most golfers are unaware that they may have a physical problem affecting their swing. Even though 25 years have passed now instructors and magazines still stressed that good spine angle is important, but they still do not focus on the underlying causes of the physical problems or how to correct them. That is why Ron decided in 1998 to undertake research in this area with the aim of eventually creating an easy to access and simple to understand online assessment to determine the ability of a golfer and to show how incorrect posture and spine angle affects a golfer’s game. Ron enlisted a team consisting of health care professionals, golf professionals, web developers and research assistants to help develop the unique site Ron Burke invented the unique world first completely online golf biomechanics analysis and correctional program called the ChiroFit™ program where in which he categorized the seven major swing faults and their causes relating to posture, muscle, and spine angle faults. The program determines a golfer's physical and biomechanical faults and then produces a unique personalized health and fitness solution to correct those biomechanical faults in order to bring their body and muscles back in to balance and improve the golf swing.

Andrew Cartledge

Andrew CartledgeAndrew Cartledge is the Chief Instructor of the Australian Golf Academy (AGA), has trained hundreds of golf teaching professionals and consulted to golf companies and academies involved in long term training for maximum improvement.

Andrew Cartledge is also the chief instructor of the Australian Golf Teachers Federation (AGTF) and head teaching professional, AGTF academy instructor and certification course lecturer, was Junior Champion for many years of local golf clubs and Victorian Junior Country Champion 1982 and Australian Golf Teachers Federation Open Champion 2003 and 2004.


Tom Orren

Tom Orren is a teacher with over 32 years experience who has had over 20 years experience in marking and judging statewide examinations. His main educational interests are producing programmed work units and objective testing - and his guiding philosophy is that anyone can learn anything, as long as they are taught properly.

Tom has been instrumental in editing and developing the ICGB courses to be as user friendly as possible and to be a positive learning experience for the students.


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